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Acknowledging tradition yet marching towerd the future,
the Shiroki way is one built on innovation and wisdom.

1946 Mar SHIROKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co., Ltd. Established.
Head Office, Tokyo Plant established (in Jujo Ex- Military Arsenal).
Head Office,Tokyo Plant
1950 Oct. Manufacture of doorframes and moldings started.
1951 May Mass production of window regulators started.
1954 Apr. Mass production of doorframes started.
1956 Jul. Ex-Nagoya Plant started operation. (Nagoya Dept. at present)
1958 Sep. Affiliated with "Toyoko Co., Ltd"
1959 Dec. Osaka Plant (in Ikeda-City) started operation.
1960 Jan. Mass production of car keys started.
Nov. Toyota Plant started operation.
Mass production of seat adjusters started.
1963 Dec. Mass production of seat recliners started.
1964 Feb. Tokyo Plant started operation.
Dec. Affiliated with Tokyu Corp.
1967 Jan. Fujisawa Plant started operation. (Head Office moved.)
Fujisawa Plant
1970 May. The company was listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1972 Oct. The company was listed on the 2nd Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
1973 Aug. The company was listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchange respectively.
1977 Aug. Osaka Plant transferred to Ibaragi.
1980 Oct. Toyokawa Plant started operation.
1984 Apr. SHIROKI SEIKI Co., Ltd. established.
1985 Dec. SHIROKI SHOJI Co. Ltd. established.
1986 Oct. Toyokawa Head Office and Technical Center established.
Dec. Tokyo Plant consolidated with Fujisawa Plant.
1988 Mar. SHIROKI-WICKES CORPORATION (SW MANUFACTURING, INC. at present) established. (the United States)
Jun. Ex-Nagoya Plant consolidated with Toyokawa Plant.
Sep. The company changed its name to SHIROKI CORPORATION.
1991 Apr. Nagoya Plant started operation.
Nagoya Plant
Dec. Margin trading issue listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1993 Dec. Sun Circle was affiliated with SHIROKI Group.
1995 Jun. SWM Georgia L.L.C. established. (the United States)
1996 Nov. 50 Years Anniversary.
2001 Aug. KYUSHU SHIROKI Co., Ltd. established.
2002 Jan. SHIROKI CORP. (THAILAND) LTD. established. (Thailand).
Jul. KYUSHU SHIROKI Co., Ltd. started operation.
2003 Aug. Invested to ASAN Co., Ltd. (Korea).
Oct. GUANGZHOU SHIROKI Corp. established. (China).
Nov. SHIROKI CORP. (THAILAND) LTD. started operation.
2004 Aug. New plant at SHIROKI CORP. (THAILAND) LTD. established.
2005 Apr. GUANGZHOU SHIROKI Corp. started operation.
2006 Jun. SWM-GT, L.L.C. established. (the United States).
Jul. SHIROKI CREATE SERVICE CO.,Ltd. established.
2007 Jan. SHIROKI-GA L.L.C. (Launch extended plant).
Company name change of three companies in North America.
Mar. SHIROKI-GT, LLC. started operation.
Jul. GUANGZHOU SHIROKI Corp. (Launch second plant).
Sep. Invested to Technico Industries Ltd. (India).
2009 Aug. Ex-Toyota factory ablished,
and the three plants in the Chukyo area were consolidated into two plants.
2010 Jul. The ratio of capital contribution to Technico Industries,Ltd: to 27%.
2011 Mar. MATSUMI CORPORATION to the consolidated subsidiary.
Apr. The largest shareholder changes to TOYOTA MORTOR CORPORATION.
Aug. PT.SHIROKI INDONESIA established.
2012 Jul. SHIROKI ASIA CORP. LTD. established.
2013 Feb. PT.SHIROKI INDONESIA started operation.
Jul. TOHOKU SHIROKI CO., LTD. established.
2014 Jan. TOHOKU SHIROKI CO., LTD. started operation.
May. Shiroki Technico India PVT.LTD. established.
2015 Apr. Shiroki Technico India PVT.LTD. started operation.

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