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President Shunichiro Ijichi

Advancing to the next stage of growth as we become an even more trustworthy partner for our customers

The world must deal with a broad array of environmental problems that extend from climate change to issues involving natural resources and energy. At the same time, economic and industrial activity has reached the point of true globalization in which goods are manufactured and sold in the locations where they are used. Shiroki is dedicated to becoming a global enterprise that is in step with this new era. To accomplish this goal, we will move even faster with the measures needed to achieve sustainable growth as globalization continues to advance.

Shiroki adopts a broad view of the world in order to meet the diverse needs of customers with products that are one step ahead of changes in our markets. We relentlessly pursue quality. We upgrade and refine the technologies that are the core of our operations. And we strive to offer products with even better performance in relation to cost. As we aim for these goals, we are also focused on creating “products with embody dreams.” Strengthening our manufacturing skills as a member of Japan’s tradition of manufacturing excellence is another objective of ours. Furthermore, we will continue to draw on these skills to expand our operations outside Japan. As a truly global enterprise, we will deepen lines of communication in other countries while earning even greater trust. We are determined to be recognized as a local company wherever we do business.

We view the momentous changes now taking place in the world and the accompanying emergence of a truly global society as an outstanding opportunity for growth. Shiroki will build on its strengths, respond accurately to change, and maintain our reputation for reliability among customers and the public. By taking this reliability to an even higher level, we will continue to advance toward our next stage of growth.

Corporate Mission

Reliable Quality and Proud Technology
We shall contribute ourselves to our society by creating and introducing attractive products.

Management Philosophy

  • 1. We shall endeavor to carry out research & development in advance of the times, and provide our customers with satisfaction through wisdom and expertise of our craftsmanship.
  • 2. We shall aim to become a global and reliable company by never-ending changes and improvements.
  • 3. We shall respect every one of employees, and proceed to build our company that the employees can be proud of.
  • 4. We shall respect compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and play a responsible role as a member of a society.

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