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Research and Development

Shiroki is meeting the needs of customers and the modern world through the development of higher-quality and lower-cost products that are safer and more environmentally friendly.

At its Technology Center located in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture, Shiroki is constantly striving to lower the costs of its products. At the same time, it is making a powerful push to create smaller and lighter products that have a lower environmental impact, improve materials and production quality through advanced human engineering, and attach high added value to its components through modularization and electronification. In this way, the company is enhancing the competitiveness of its products and improving its development and proposal capabilities.
Shiroki rapidly reflects changes in the market environment in its manufacturing, making products adapted to growing diversification and individualization of customer needs. The company leverages its accumulated technical know-how to quickly provide attractive products distinguished by high-quality, low-cost, safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness.

Shiroki is adding various types of testing equipment in its Unit Body Division to further strengthen its developmental marketing business.

Injection method consistently reproduces impact waveform comparable to that of actual vehicle / Crash Test System

Conducting various electrical tests to evaluate the reliability of ECU / Electronics Evaluation Room

Repeated seatbelt anchorage strength testing to ensure safety

Three-dimensional measuring device that ensures precision by measuring complex shapes and hole pitches in micron units

Measuring operating noise under anechoic conditions while installed in an actual vehicle / Large Anechoic Room

Temperature and humidity environmental testing to evaluate operation under harsh conditions while installed in an actual vehicle / Large Temperaturecontrolled Room

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