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Manufacturing Technologies

Shiroki is innovating manufacturing and producing the top products the world is looking for.

Production at Shiroki is based on the company's own TS Production System, which helps eliminate overburden, waste, and inconsistency. The company's efforts to innovate manufacturing with the aim of cutting processes and labor in half has enabled Shiroki to build up its cost competitiveness via aggressive automation and manpower conservation. At the same time, it has developed a number of original production technologies, such as Three-dimensional Door Forming Technology and Simultaneous
Composite Welding Technology, to improve productivity and quality. The company's original Automated Quality Monitoring System enables unattended assembly of seat recliner parts with high speed and accuracy in a clean environment. Shiroki is installing equipment employing these technologies in one production line after the other. In terms of quality assurance, the company has adopted production lines that implement defect-free process completion with the aim of achieving more fluid manufacturing at every stage, from planning and design forward. The company is actively expanding quality control initiatives, and every employee is dedicated to lowering costs through superior productivity while also aspiring after world-leading manufacturing that produces the highest possible quality goods.

large-scale fine blanking press machine, and a high-speed part retrieval device

1,000-ton large-scale fine blanking press machine capable of continuous precision forming, and a high-speed part retrieval device

Fully automatic assembly and inspection machine for seat recliner

Fully automatic assembly and inspection machine for seat recliner parts assembles the product unattended and inspects the finished work to ensure high quality

Doorframe bending machine

Doorframe bending machine that perfectly fits doorframes to complex, streamlined body structures with three-dimensional forming that incorporates true craftsmanship

Doorframe bending machine

Doorframe MIG welder that uses multiple robots to shorten machine time through simultaneous composite welding

Nagoya Plant: Where cutting edge production systems make both resource conservation and high efficiency possible.

Nagoya Plant Nagoya Plant

In accordance with the SHIROKI goal of "Top Productivity, Top Quality," at our Nagoya Plant we're striving for the low-cost, high quality, sophisticated craftsmanship that takes to satisfy our customers. This is most clearly demonstrated by the state-of-the-art production systems we've implemented at each of our press, welding, coating and assembly processes.

Introduction of the latest assembly lines, for both quality and productivity

In our press process, we use fine blanking capable of instantaneous, high-precision processing, which has made increasing quality and greatly reducing process time possible.
In welding, we have improved productivity to double capacity by adopting a seat track welding line. Further, since the line can be flexibly recalibrated to suit other needs, we have cut down the production preparation lead-time by a wide margin.
Furthermore, our latest coating line is fully automated, from preparation to drying, combined with the introduction of automated assembly lines, which has made efficient production possible.

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