Automotive Components

We at Shiroki use our flexible thinking and state-of-the-art technology to offer globally competitive products. For the past half-century, as Japan has become a motorized nation, we have played a role in the construction and growth of the "automobile oriented society". We develop and produce external body components such as doorframes formed with our unique processing methods, and mechanical components such as seat adjusters and recliners, which let drivers find the perfect driving position, and window regulators that are safe and user-friendly. More comfortably, more safely. We are helping to build cars that are kind to people and kind to the environment.

  • 1Inside handle
  • 2Hood lock
  • 3Arch molding
  • 4Doorframe
  • 5Door hinge
  • 6Door check
  • 7Seat recliner and seat adjuster
  • 8Wire window regulator
  • 9Half open sliding door stopper system
  • 10Door lower molding
  • 11X-arm window regulator
  • 12Sliding door control
  • 13Belt molding
  • 14Center pillar garnish
  • 15Roof molding
  • 16Quarter window molding
  • 17Double guide wire window regulator
  • 18Rear door corner cover
  • 19Quarter belt molding
  • 20Back door lock
  • 21Sliding door rail

  • Seat Recliners & Seat Adjusters
  • Window Regulators
  • Doorframes
  • Door locks & Hinges
  • Moldings

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