Production and R&D Infrastructure

Our goal
– Become the world’s leading automotive parts manufacturer

Synergies derived by combining the core strengths of Shiroki and Aisin

In 2016, the operations of Shiroki and Aisin Seiki were integrated. Previously, the two companies were competitors in the markets for auto body parts, chiefly functional seat parts and decorative and functional auto body components. The objective is to use the collective technologies of the two companies to supply products that are even more competitive. The result was the creation of a single team of two equal partners, the primary feature of the integration, rather than a merger or absorption. Shiroki uses its knowledge involving the fabrication of automotive and other components as a company specializing in this field. Aisin Seiki is responsible mainly for manufacturing associated with control and other systems. Bringing together the respective core strengths of the two companies creates a powerful framework for supplying outstanding components and systems to automakers.


A new “VC” R&D structure with the goal of achieving many technological breakthroughs

The VC (virtual company) structure, a concept conceived by the Aisin Group, is ideally suited for developing products while fully utilizing the respective core strengths of Aisin group companies. VCs are established for individual product categories. Each VC combines the resources of all Aisin group companies associated with that category in order to accomplish a single goal. Sharing resources improves efficiency by eliminating redundancies and other waste. The result is a powerful framework for creating products with new forms of value. The auto body VC, where Shiroki plays a key role, is conducting R&D to create next-generation products and materials incorporating new concepts. By combining Shiroki’s manufacturing technologies and Aisin’s skill in overall system optimization, this VC aims to develop new revolutionary technologies. Basically, VC system utilizes a seamless linkage as needed while respecting the autonomy of the Shiroki and Aisin groups. Both groups plan to use these new organizational units to speed up the development of innovative technologies.

The four central goals of the VC structure

  • 1

    Establish unified
    goals for
    the Shiroki
    Aisin groups

  • 2

    Increase efficiency
    by sharing resources
    eliminate redundancies
    make other

  • 3

    new forms
    of value

  • 4

    Raise current
    workplace activities
    to a higher level