Manufacturing Technologies

With manufacturing capabilities that we have
cultivated since our founding, we will provide
valuable products with a focus on quality, safety, and cost.

Key points of our production technology

  • Providing products based on continuous plastic processing technology such as roll forming and 3D knot processing, which is the only technology, and automatic assembly technology.
  • Possessing a wide variety of elemental technologies and the investment and know-how to realize them, we are expanding not only domestically but also globally.
  • Development of production technology that makes full use of 3D digital assembly and CAE molding analysis, promotion of manufacturing technology that utilizes DX and IoT.

Development of human resources for manufacturing

Based on the concept of quality and safety first, we will continue to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.
For that reason, we aim to develop human resources who can contribute to our customers and society by providing thorough education based on “Genchi genbutsu”.
In addition, we are focusing on human resource development to develop new production technologies that are conscious of SDGs and DX.
In order to generate new ideas, departments, offices, and groups work together to closely communicate and solve problems.

Things to focus on in the future

  • IoT technology

    Promoting the construction of a system that contributes to loss-free production management and preventive maintenance by consolidating production line operation information and grasping it in a timely manner.

  • Automation

    Rather than just automation, we will reproduce human thinking and "flexibility of movement" with sensing and actuators, and promote research and development of versatile equipment.