President’s Message
and Corporate Philosophy

“Challenge for Change”
~To be a body parts manufacturer
which surpass other companies~

Since the establishment in March 1946, Shiroki Corporation has been producing automobile body parts focusing on metal processing. After joining Aisin Group in April 2016, we have accelerated competitiveness and strengthening corporate structure to aim for continuous growth and contribution to customers as well as society.

The automotive industry is in the midst of the once-in-a-century period of major transformation.

With the introduction of technological innovations such as "CASE " and new concepts such as MaaS, competition for survival is intensifying.

Based on our company‘s slogan “Challenge for Change”, we will refine our original technology and engineering such as stamping and roll forming technology that we have cultivated over the years, work together with all our global facilities for stronger competitiveness and lean corporate structure, promote Digital transformation and carbon neutrality, and aim to become a body parts manufacturer with competitiveness that surpasses other companies, so that we can survive this era of great competition.

Through business activities, we will dedicate ourselves to resolve Aisin Group’s 7 SDGs priority subjects for realization of sustainable society, contribute to society widely, and continue to be a company which is wanted and appreciated by all.

President & CEO
Shiroki Corporation

岡部 均

Corporate Philosophy

Our Spirit Our Mission

Our Goals

  1. 1. Be a source of satisfaction for our customers by combining R&D activities that anticipate future needs with advanced manufacturing expertise and technologies.
  2. 2. Constantly use new ideas and innovation to be a trustworthy global organization.
  3. 3. Be a company where people are proud to work by placing great value on everyone at our organization.
  4. 4. Fulfill our responsibilities to society by maintaining a sound compliance program.