President’s Message
and Corporate Philosophy

Winning recognition
as a global market leader
A new stage of progress has started

We shall contribute to customers and society with all employees together as one team.

Since the establishment in March 1946, Shiroki Corporation has aspired to the sustainable growth with contributing to customers and society by developing automotive body components.
Since April 2016, we have joined Aisin group and tried to boost our competitiveness and improve our profit structure.
As a result, we were awarded the 2019 Deming Prize. It is the first step for our new start and we are determined to pursue the leaner corporate structure continuously.

The automotive industry is in the midst of the once-a-century greatest transformation, and the whole of the industry is going to make a drastic change.
We seize this situation as a good opportunity to diligently do various activities for change day to day.
Based on our company’s slogan -“Challenge for Change”,-we shall increase our true competitiveness and strive to be the company which can make a brand-new value proposition and respond to the customers’ expectations always.
Also we are committed to address 7 priority topics in SDGs as one of Aisin group members and to enforce the ESG management than ever through our business activities. We shall dedicate ourselves to contributing to the society widely and being an indispensable company for a long time.

President & CEO
Shiroki Corporation

岡部 均

Corporate Philosophy

Our Spirit Our Mission

Our Goals

  1. 1. Be a source of satisfaction for our customers by combining R&D activities that anticipate future needs with advanced manufacturing expertise and technologies.
  2. 2. Constantly use new ideas and innovation to be a trustworthy global organization.
  3. 3. Be a company where people are proud to work by placing great value on everyone at our organization.
  4. 4. Fulfill our responsibilities to society by maintaining a sound compliance program.