Corporate Social Responsibility

Shiroki in the Community

Shiroki has many community and other social activities to express appreciation for support received over the years.
Shiroki will continue to fulfill its obligations as a responsible member of society.
We place importance on maintaining a corporate culture that encourages all employees to participate in charitable and other programs as volunteers.

CSR Activities in Toyokawa
and Osaka

Shiroki is involved in CSR activities in Toyokawa, home to its head office, Osaka and other locations

Toyokawa Relay Marathon
and City Marathon
(June and November)

Many Shiroki employees volunteer to assist with spectator and traffic control and other tasks
at the Toyokawa Relay Marathon and City Marathon.

Summer Festival at the Osaka Plant (August)

Residents of neighborhoods near Shiroki’s Osaka Plant are invited to enjoy this annual event.
Shiroki plans to continue holding this festival to maintain strong lines of communication with community.