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Basic Policy for Protection of Personal Information

Shiroki uses personal information concerning customers, individuals at suppliers and other companies, employees and others. Shiroki has a framework for handling this information in accordance with laws and regulations about personal information, other guidelines and its own rules.

  • ・Shiroki has established Personal Information Protection Rules and conducts activities to give employees (including executives, employees, part-time workers, workers on temporary assignments and others) and others who use this information a sound understanding of these rules.
  • ・Shiroki uses legal and fair methods to acquire personal information, whether directly or indirectly. Improper methods are never used. Furthermore, individuals are informed in advance of the purposes of using their personal information or the necessary information is made available on the Shiroki website, in a pamphlet or in other ways.
  • ・Shiroki has a suitable system for the safety of personal information in order to prevent the losses, destructions, unauthorized alterations, leaks and other problems.
  • ・Shiroki does not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the individuals involved unless required by laws and regulations.
  • ・Shiroki will respond as much as reasonably possible to requests from individuals for the disclosure, confirmation, correction, termination of use and other actions concerning their personal information.
  • ・When Shiroki outsources the handling of personal information for business purposes, the company used for outsourcing is first examined, a contract with the required terms is signed, and other measures are taken as mandated by laws and regulations.

September 2017
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Personal Information for Recruiting Activities

  • ・When performing recruiting activities, Shiroki receives personal information about applicants due to the receipt of resumes, performance certificates and other documents. Shiroki uses this personal information for the following purposes.
  • ・To reach decisions about whether or not to hire an individual
    ・To contact applicants
  • ・In addition, if certain tasks are outsourced, personal information about applicants may be provided to another company, but only to the degree needed to accomplish these two purposes. In this case, Shiroki first establishes a contractual relationship with this company concerning the handling of personal information.
  • ・Shiroki will not provide personal information about customers or job applicants to a third party without prior consent.

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