Shiroki has a firm commitment to fair and unrestricted competition for its business activities worldwide as well as to fulfilling its social obligations concerning these activities along with all stakeholders.

Compliance Declaration

The Aisin Group includes a declaration of its commitment to compliance in the Aisin Group Corporate Code of Conduct. To implement the philosophy incorporated in this code of conduct, the Aisin Group has many programs to ensure that the entire workforce is well aware of the group’s Guidelines for Behavior that Fulfills Social Responsibilities. In addition, Aisin’s president directly supervises measures to further upgrade compliance.

Framework for Sound Compliance throughout the Aisin Group

The Aisin Group has a Corporate Conduct and Ethics Committee and other units that examine key items concerning corporate ethics, including compliance with laws and regulations.

The Aisin Group established a Group Corporate Conduct and Ethics Committee with the goal of strengthening unified compliance activities.

Group Compliance Conference

Creating a Structure for Rigorous Group Compliance

Ultimately, people are responsible for compliance activities at the Aisin Group. This is why the group has training programs designed for specific job levels as well as for managers and senior executives. By providing a thorough understanding of laws and regulations, these programs ensure that everyone has a firm dedication to compliance.

Compliance Training in Japan
A Corporate Conduct and Ethics Reinforcement Month poster

An internal compliance hotline helps the group to quickly discover and correct illegal and other improper activities.

Everyone has access to a compliance reporting and consultation service. The Corporate Conduct and Ethics Reinforcement Month and other programs are used to increase awareness of this service. There are also activities for the rapid identification and correction of illegal and other improper activities.