[Exterior components]

Vital for car door rigidity
and the prevention of leaks


A key element of door and auto body rigidity

Doorframes perform many vital roles, particularly involving door rigidity, wind noise reduction while driving and keeping doors watertight. In addition, as an integral component of vehicle bodies, doorframes are an important part of the overall strength of a car body. Shiroki uses exclusive roll forming technologies to fabricate doorframes in the intricate shapes that automakers require.

Parts List

  • Front doorframe (TNGA)

    Adopted by “TNGA”, next generation platform.

  • Rear doorframe (TNGA)

    Adopted by “TNGA”, next generation platform.

  • Front doorframe
    (basic type)

  • Rear doorframe
    (basic type)

  • Aluminum front doorframe

    Using aluminum reduced weight by 30% compared with past products.