Total Quality Management

TQM activities are Shiroki reflect the “quality first” corporate philosophy at the Aisin Group. Goals are further energizing people and organizations and more qualitative improvements in all aspects of our work. To accomplish these goals, we are reinforcing our management, enacting business process reforms, developing the skills of employees, maintaining a corporate culture that supports TQM and taking other actions. Everyone at Shiroki is working on achieving our goals in order to make the New Shiroki Vision a reality.


Workplace management education

Management-level employees at all departments study various issues involving the supervision of workplaces and share knowledge about ways to make improvements. Maintaining energetic workplaces with consistently outstanding performance over many years is the objective.

A workplace management class

Statistical Quality Control

SQC seminars combine external specialists with Shiroki personnel to seek solutions for issues at all types of workplaces. Activities also include SQC lessons in order to create a team of employees who can effectively use SQC methodology.

SQC seminars examine issues and provide lessons

Quality control circles

All front-line workers participate in QC circles that examine quality, productivity the 5S’s, safety and other subjects involving their respective workplaces. Activities are centered on identifying problems and using everyone’s input to determine solutions for specific themes. These circles are vital to human resources development and invigorating workplaces. There are events to announce accomplishments and other activities to share know-how with other departments and members of the Shiroki Group.

Participants examine an issue involving quality control