Door locks and hinges
[Functional body components]

Trustworthy vehicle protection
and outstanding reliability


Smaller with more standardization

Shiroki automotive door locks are small but extremely rugged. Hinges are also engineered to withstand many years of door openings and closings. By making locks and hinges even smaller while increasing standardization, Shiroki is improving performance while reducing the cost of these components.

Parts List

  • Luggage compartment door closer

    Luggage compartment door lock with closing mechanism integrated.

  • Luggage compartment door lock

    Luggage compartment door lock which can be electrically unlocked.

  • Fully open-door stopper

    Lock to keep sliding door fully opened.

  • Door hinge

    Door hinge with smooth opening/closing operation and high durability.

  • Door check

    Door check with door holding function and smooth operability.

  • Engine hood lock

    Engine hood lock which surely hold engine hood.

  • Back door lock

    Back door lock which can be electrically unlocked.

  • Rear seatback lock

    Cushion-less, looseness-less lock with light operability.

  • Floor lock

    Simple, looseness-less lock with hook integrated cam structure.